USD TO PKR INTERBANK RATE: Friday’s interbank trading, the value of the Pakistani rupee (PKR) increased by 26 paisas in relation to the US dollar, finishing at PKR 282.53 from PKR 282.79 a day earlier.

OPEN MARKET RATES: Exchange companies quoted the dollar at 281 for buying and 284 for selling in the open market. PKR in the previous session closed at 281.25 for buying and 284.25 for selling.


PKR dropped 1.24 rupees versus the euro relative to major currencies, closing at 310.81 from the previous value of 309.57.

The value of the British Pound increased by 1.24 rupees, closing at 358.66 as opposed to 357.41 the day before.

The Swiss franc ended the day at 329.84, up 1.88 rupees from the previous session’s close of 327.96.

PKR lost 1.23 paisas against the Japanese yen, closing at 1.986 versus 1.974 the previous day.

The Chinese Yuan ended the day at 39.5496, down 2.66 paisa from the previous session’s close of 39.5762.

The value of the Saudi Riyal decreased by 6.86 paisa from its closing value of 75.38 the previous day to 75.31.


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