The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) witnessed a robust resurgence on Friday as bullish sentiment returned following three consecutive selloff sessions.

The benchmark KSE-100 Index surged by 1,244.45 points or 1.76%, closing the session at 71,902.09. Throughout the day, the index remained positive, reaching an intraday high of 71,986.43 and a low of 70,671.72 points.

Among the 100 index companies, 78 closed higher, 14 closed lower, while 5 remained unchanged, with 3 stocks untraded.


  • Supported Sectors:
    1. Oil & Gas Exploration Companies: Contributed 352.08 points to the KSE-100 index.
    2. Commercial Banks: Contributed 173.72 points.
    3. Cement: Contributed 156.06 points.
    4. Power Generation & Distribution: Contributed 150 points.
    5. Fertilizer: Contributed 79.54 points.
  • Negative Contribution:
    • The only sector that contributed negatively to the KSE-100 index was Automobile Parts & Accessories, deducting 10.4 points.

Companies Impacting KSE-100 Index:

  • Companies Adding Points:
    1. PPL (Pakistan Petroleum Limited): Added 163.05 points to the index.
    2. OGDC (Oil and Gas Development Company Limited): Added 118.96 points.
    3. HUBC (Hub Power Company Limited): Added 108.12 points.
    4. DAWH (Dawood Hercules Corporation Limited): Added 70.84 points.
    5. MARI (Mari Petroleum Company Limited): Added 65.23 points.
  • Companies Dragging the Index Lower:
    1. AVN (Avanceon Limited): Deducted 14.19 points.
    2. HMB (Habib Metropolitan Bank Limited): Deducted 13.25 points.
    3. THALL (Thal Limited): Deducted 10.4 points.
    4. HBL (Habib Bank Limited): Deducted 9.45 points.
    5. SCBPL (Standard Chartered Bank Pakistan Limited): Deducted 5.32 points.

The rally in the KSE-100 index was supported by gains in various sectors, notably Oil & Gas Exploration Companies, Commercial Banks, Cement, Power Generation & Distribution, and Fertilizer. However, the Automobile Parts & Accessories sector was the sole contributor to the index’s negative performance.

Key companies contributing positively to the index included PPL, OGDC, HUBC, DAWH, and MARI, while stocks like AVN, HMB, THALL, HBL, and SCBPL exerted downward pressure.

In the broader market, the All-Share index closed at 46,919.98, marking a net gain of 769.67 points. Total market volume increased to 452.16 million shares, with traded value recorded at Rs24.54 billion.


  • Trades and Companies: There were a total of 230,145 trades reported in 376 companies. Among these, 248 companies closed higher, 102 closed lower, and 26 remained unchanged.
  • Top Ten by Volume: The top ten companies by volume traded on the Pakistan Stock Exchange were as follows:
    1. PPL (Pakistan Petroleum Limited) – 26,658,354 shares traded
    2. HASCOL (Hascol Petroleum Limited) – 26,575,393 shares traded
    3. FCCL (Fauji Cement Company Limited) – 19,309,110 shares traded
    4. PAEL (Pakistan Accumulator Company Limited) – 16,261,833 shares traded
    5. KEL (K-Electric Limited) – 16,173,877 shares traded
    6. OGDC (Oil and Gas Development Company Limited) – 16,078,368 shares traded
    7. PRL (Pakistan Refinery Limited) – 14,506,482 shares traded
    8. WTL (Worldcall Telecom Limited) – 13,626,625 shares traded
    9. AIRLINK (Airlink Communication Limited) – 11,388,880 shares traded
    10. DGKC (D.G. Khan Cement Company Limited) – 11,161,289 shares traded
  • Market Performance: The KSE-100 index has witnessed significant gains during the fiscal year, rising by 30,449 points or 73.46%. Additionally, the ongoing calendar year has seen a cumulative increase of 9,451 points, equivalent to 15.13%.


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Sikander Raza, a Senior Technical Analyst



Hamza Saleem, a Senior Business Analyst



Irsa Sajjad, as a Research Analyst for Equities

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