In a significant development, PTI leader Omar Ayub announced on Thursday the removal of party leader Sher Afzal Marwat from the party’s core and political committees. This decision came following Marwat’s recent statements regarding Saudi Arabia, which had caused controversy within the party.

Marwat had openly criticized senior party figures, alleging that he was deprived of the coveted position of the National Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC). He claimed that Senate opposition leader Shibli Faraz was instrumental in conveying the Saudi ambassador’s reservations about Marwat’s nomination to Imran Khan.

Expressing concerns over potential external influence on his role, Marwat stated that he did not wish to chair a committee susceptible to demands from the Saudi government. This stance was a departure from traditional party lines and raised eyebrows within PTI ranks.

Marwat has a history of making controversial statements, including accusations against both the US and Saudi Arabia of conspiring to destabilize the PTI government. Despite the party’s public disavowal of his remarks, Marwat persisted in his opinions, asserting them as personal views.


Following a press conference outside Adiala Jail today, where PTI leader Omar Ayub addressed the matter after meeting with Imran Khan, it was announced that Sher Afzal Marwat would be removed from the party’s core committee and political committee with immediate effect.

Ayub acknowledged Marwat’s previous contributions, stating that he was once held in high regard by Imran Khan for his commendable work. However, he emphasized that despite repeated instructions from Imran Khan to adhere to party policies, Marwat continued to make statements that were detrimental to PTI’s interests and its relationship with Saudi Arabia.

Imran Khan expressed concern over the substantial damage caused by Marwat’s misleading statements, which had repercussions not only for PTI’s relations with Saudi Arabia but also for Imran’s personal rapport with Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman.

In light of these developments, Imran Khan has taken strict notice of the situation and ordered Marwat’s immediate removal from both the core committee and the PTI political committee. Additionally, Imran has directed the political committee to determine appropriate disciplinary action against Marwat.

Furthermore, Imran Khan has instructed that Marwat be issued a show-cause notice promptly, requiring him to provide a response to the concerns raised. This decisive action underscores PTI’s commitment to maintaining discipline and upholding party policies, ensuring that its members align with the party’s objectives and maintain positive diplomatic relations.


Sher Afzal Marwat asserted in a post on X that he had already tendered his resignation from the bodies during a prior meeting of the political committee, which occurred a day ago. He contended that this development had already been disseminated by the media on Wednesday. However, Omar Ayub’s announcement today regarding Imran Khan’s directives to remove him suggests that the decision had been predetermined and that Imran Khan’s name was now associated with it.

Marwat expressed skepticism regarding any statement unless conveyed directly by Imran Khan or through Barrister Gohar Ali Khan. He stated his intention to refrain from commenting further until he had an opportunity to discuss the issues directly with Imran Khan. Marwat urged the media to await his response until then, emphasizing his commitment to stand by all decisions made by Imran Khan.



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