On Thursday, the benchmark KSE-100 index wrapped up its trading session at 74,930.70, marking an increase of 266.72 points or 0.36%. Throughout the day, the index experienced a fluctuation within a range of 578.78 points, reaching an intraday high of 75,029.03, reflecting an increase of 365.05 points, and a low of 74,450.26, indicating a decrease of 213.73 points. The total volume of shares traded on the KSE-100 index amounted to 170.47 million.


In Thursday’s trading session, the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) saw a mixed performance among its 100 index companies. Out of these, 41 companies closed higher, 53 closed lower, 5 remained unchanged, while 1 remained untraded.

The KSE-100 index was buoyed by several sectors, notably Commercial Banks, which contributed 298.23 points, followed by Engineering with 57.39 points, Technology & Communication with 26.44 points, Automobile Parts & Accessories with 25.33 points, and Investment Banks / Investment Companies / Securities Companies with 21.4 points.

However, the index faced downward pressure from sectors such as Fertilizer, which subtracted 38.97 points, Oil & Gas Exploration Companies with 28.71 points, Power Generation & Distribution with 23.66 points, Oil & Gas Marketing Companies with 19 points, and Food & Personal Care Products with 13.85 points.

Among the companies contributing positively to the index were UBL with 138.23 points, MCB with 64.42 points, SYS with 34.37 points, BAFL with 33.66 points, and MEBL with 31.21 points.

Conversely, companies that dragged the index lower included HUBC with 34.68 points, EFERT with 33.66 points, OGDC with 27.51 points, MARI with 19.83 points, and PSO with 12.91 points.

The mixed performance across sectors reflects the diverse dynamics at play in the Pakistani stock market, influenced by both domestic and international factors.


In Thursday’s trading session, the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) witnessed a mixed performance, with the All-Share index closing at 48,536.94, marking a net gain of 72.97 points.

Total market volume stood at 407.63 million shares, indicating a decrease from the previous session’s volume of 572.42 million shares. The traded value was recorded at Rs16.98 billion, showing a decrease of Rs8.98 billion.

A total of 215,736 trades were reported in 377 companies, with 161 closing higher, 194 closing lower, and 22 remaining unchanged.

Among the top ten companies by volume, PIAA led with 34,846,148 shares traded, followed by PAEL with 28,542,422 shares, and WTL with 24,078,585 shares.

It’s worth noting that the KSE-100 index has witnessed significant gains, with an increase of 33,478 points or 80.76% during the fiscal year. Similarly, the ongoing calendar year has seen a cumulative increase of 12,480 points, equivalent to 19.98%. These figures underscore the positive momentum in the Pakistani stock market, driven by various domestic and international factors.



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Irsa Sajjad, as a Research Analyst for Equities

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