In a significant diplomatic gesture, US President Joe Biden penned a letter to Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Friday, underlining the critical importance of the “enduring partnership” between the United States and Pakistan in ensuring global security.

According to the US Embassy in Islamabad, President Biden underscored the mutual commitment to addressing pressing global and regional challenges, highlighting the shared vision for a future characterized by enhanced health security, economic growth, and universal access to education.

In the letter, President Biden reaffirmed the commitment to the US-Pakistan Green Alliance framework, aimed at bolstering climate resilience, promoting sustainable agriculture and water management, and aiding Pakistan’s recovery efforts from the devastating floods of 2022.

Moreover, President Biden emphasized the United States’ dedication to collaborating with Pakistan in protecting human rights and fostering progress, emphasizing the importance of a strong partnership between the two nations and the deep bond shared by their peoples.

This communication follows a recent meeting between US Ambassador Donald Blome and Prime Minister Shehbaz, during which Ambassador Blome reiterated Pakistan’s significance as an “important partner” and expressed optimism about further strengthening bilateral ties under the newly elected government.

However, it’s noteworthy that earlier this month, US lawmakers, all Democrats like President Biden, urged caution in recognizing Pakistan’s new government until allegations of election rigging were thoroughly investigated. The lawmakers called for transparency and credibility in the investigation process, citing concerns over pre and post-poll rigging and disruptions during the parliamentary elections.

President Biden’s letter signifies a nuanced approach towards Pakistan, balancing the acknowledgment of bilateral cooperation while also reflecting the US administration’s commitment to democratic principles and transparency.


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