Port Qasim, one of the pivotal maritime gateways for Pakistan’s international trade, experienced a flurry of activity with the arrival and departure of several ships, underscoring its operational efficiency and strategic importance for the nation.

The port welcomed three notable vessels – MSC Aby, Maersk Pittsburgh, and Torm Integrity, loaded with containers and gas oil, which berthed at the Container Terminal and FOTCO Terminal respectively. These arrivals were complemented by two additional ships, Huang Shan-16 and Medison Eagle, carrying palm oil and coal, anchoring at the outer-anchorage of Port Qasim on the same day.


The dynamic at the port continued as two ships, MSC Aby and African Baza, embarked on their next journey early in the morning. Anticipation was also building for the expected departure of four more vessels – Medi Chiba, Al-Rayyan, Sea Dream, and Maersk Pittsburgh, all slated to sail later the same day.


Over the last 24 hours, Port Qasim managed a significant cargo volume of 132,711 tonnes. This included 99,005 tonnes of import cargo and 33,706 tonnes of export cargo, efficiently processed in 4,708 containers (comprising 2,921 TEUs of imports and 1,787 TEUs of exports).

The outer anchorage of Port Qasim was bustling, hosting ten ships. Among them, three vessels – San Nicolas, Medison Eagle, and Huang Shan-16, were soon to be joined by four more – Lusail, Sea Dream, MSC Spring-III, and Cap Andreas. These ships, carrying a mix of coals, palm oil, LNG, and containers, were expected to berth at various terminals, including MW-4, PIBT, LCT, PGPCL, and QICT. Additionally, the arrival of two container ships, X-Press Altair and Seaspan Ganges, was eagerly awaited on Thursday.


This continuous flow of maritime traffic at Port Qasim not only reflects its capability to handle diverse cargo efficiently but also highlights its integral role in bolstering Pakistan’s trade and economic growth. As ships arrive and depart, they weave a narrative of connectivity, commerce, and global partnership that resonates from Port Qasim to the rest of the world.


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