Minister of State for Finance and Revenue, Ali Pervaiz Malik, reaffirmed the government’s commitment to promoting alternative energy sources in Pakistan, emphasizing the goal of providing affordable energy for domestic and commercial use to support sustainable economic development and social prosperity.

Key Points from the Minister’s Statement:

  1. Net Metering Policy:
    • Malik ruled out any changes to the current net metering policy, clarifying that no restrictions have been imposed, nor are any agreements under revision.
    • He dismissed recent news reports suggesting changes to the net metering policy as baseless, reiterating the government’s support for solar energy projects.
  2. Taxation on Solar Systems:
    • The minister stated that there are no plans to impose taxes or duties on solar panels.
    • Minister for Energy Awais Ahmad Khan Leghari also confirmed that no discussions have taken place regarding taxing solar systems, highlighting the government’s intention to encourage solar energy initiatives.
  3. Economic Stability and Foreign Investment:
    • Malik highlighted the government’s focus on economic stability, noting recent visits from Saudi Arabian and UAE investors looking to invest in Pakistan.
    • The government aims to foster a positive environment for investment, contributing to the country’s economic growth.
  4. Responsible Reporting:
    • The minister urged the media to engage in responsible reporting, particularly regarding policies like net metering, and to seek the government’s stance before publishing news.

Government’s Vision and Actions:

  • Promoting Solar Energy:
    • The government is dedicated to encouraging solar energy projects to diversify energy sources and reduce dependency on traditional fuels.
  • Investment and Economic Growth:
    • Attracting foreign investment, particularly from Gulf countries, is a strategic priority to boost Pakistan’s economic development.
  • Maintaining Stability:
    • Efforts are being made to ensure economic stability through consistent policies and promoting responsible political and economic practices.


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