Hold onto your hats, investors! The Pakistan Stock Market is starting the new year with a bang, as the KSE-100 index soared by a jaw-dropping 2,210.74 points, marking an impressive 3.54% surge in just one day. Monday’s trading session concluded with the index hitting an all-time high at 64,661.78, making this the second-largest single-day gain in absolute terms.

The market vibe remained electric throughout the day, with the KSE-100 index reaching an intraday peak of 64,718.88 (that’s a whopping +2,267.84 points!) and a rock-bottom low of 62,672.97 (+221.92 points). Talk about a rollercoaster ride!


The Benchmark KSE100 Index closed the session Green with index posting an intraday high of 2,267.84 (3.63%) points and an intraday low of 221.92 (0.36%) points. Oil continued on downwards trajectory after getting rejected by EMA55 resistance on a daily timeframe. It is important to note it was Oil’s first try to conquer EMA55.


The VOLUME and VALUE TRADED (000’s) stood at 339,925,632 and Rs.13,346,596.71 respectively. Index closed at 64,661.78 pts adding 2210.74 points to the index. Sectors contributing positively to KSE100 index included Oil and Gas Exploration sector (+440.82pts), Commercial Banks sector (+438.81pts) and Technology sector (+220.91pts). Companies contributing positively to the index included PPL(+174.91pts), OGDC(+165.03pts), SYS(+127.84pts). The volume leaders included KEL(+3.20%), WTL(+9.25%), CNERGY(+6.54%). The scrips traded 76.43 million, 61.55 million and 54.95 million shares respectively.


With a staggering gain of 54.5% in PKR and an amazing 24% in USD, PSX put on a spectacular show. This is the highest annual return since the 2009 financial crisis!

The benchmark index KSE-100 closed the books on 2023 at a stellar 62,451, surging by a staggering 21,632 points. This exceptional performance catapulted it to the esteemed position of being the fourth best-performing stock market of the year.


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