COAS Gen. Asim Munir’s prolonged visit to the United States this week has highlighted the importance of Pakistan as a significant ally and partner for America. It demonstrates the long-lasting alliance between the two countries.


The visit is anticipated to have important meetings with influential figures in national security, foreign policy, and defence.


Pakistan is a significant NATO partner and non-NATO ally, according to a spokeswoman for the U.S. State Department. Although the department declined to comment on particulars regarding Gen. Munir’s visit. All things considered, we are eager to collaborate with them on defence and regional security.”


General Munir’s visit took place at the same time as the Indian Supreme Court affirmed the union of India and its-held Kashmir. There was conjecture as to whether Gen. Munir would bring up this matter in his discussions with U.S. officials.

The State Department spokesperson remained calm in the face of inquiries relating the Indian Supreme Court’s ruling, saying, “We continue to follow developments in Jammu and Kashmir closely, noting the Supreme Court’s recent ruling,” but she refrained from making any assumptions about how it might affect India-Pakistan ties.


Two topics that frequented in discussions between the United States and Pakistan are Afghanistan and the political climate in Pakistan, State Department Spokesperson Matthew Miller said at a Monday afternoon news briefing.

Miller emphasised the United States’ non-interference with regard to Pakistan’s domestic politics, saying, “The United States has no say in selecting Pakistan’s leaders.” We cooperate with the government chosen by the people of Pakistan.” According to the State Department, this is consistent with Washington’s diplomatic strategy.

The spokesperson addressed the state of affairs between Pakistan and Afghanistan, saying, “Obviously, we support a diplomatic resolution to all of the various issues between those two countries.”

The diplomatic ties between Pakistan and the United States are still a popular subject of discussion as Gen. Munir continues his engagements in the United States, highlighting their shared commitment to regional security and collaboration.


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