The United States (US) has taken legal action against Apple, leveling accusations of monopolizing the smartphone market and suppressing competition. In a historic lawsuit, the Justice Department alleges that Apple wielded its control over the iPhone to unlawfully restrict competitors and limit consumer choice.

The sprawling complaint, filed in a federal court in New Jersey, asserts that Apple employed a series of tactics aimed at stifling innovation and thwarting competition. The Justice Department accuses the California-based company of impeding rivals from offering competing services on the iPhone and making it challenging for users to switch to alternative operating systems.


Attorney General Merrick Garland emphasized that Apple’s actions undermine apps, products, and services that could reduce dependence on the iPhone. The complaint lists several anti-competitive measures allegedly taken by Apple, including app blocking, suppression of mobile cloud streaming services, and limitations on third-party digital wallets.


Apple has vowed to vigorously contest the lawsuit, denying the claims and asserting that the legal action is erroneous both in terms of facts and law. The tech giant contends that the lawsuit jeopardizes its ability to innovate and deliver cutting-edge technology to consumers.


If successful, the lawsuit could compel Apple to revise contracts or implement structural changes within the company. However, these potential remedies remain speculative, and the outcome of the trial is uncertain.


Legal experts view the case as significant, marking the first antitrust challenge against Apple under President Joe Biden’s administration. They assert that the lawsuit aims to enhance smartphone functionality and promote accessibility to technology and software for consumers and businesses alike.


Apple has faced mounting legal scrutiny over its iOS ecosystem and business practices, including a recent €1.8 billion fine imposed by the EU for violating competition laws related to music streaming.


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