Renowned English musician and Pink Floyd member, Roger Waters, recently made headlines not for his musical prowess, but for his advocacy for justice and fair play in the realm of politics. In a bold statement addressed to the military rulers of Pakistan and their allies in Washington, Waters called for the immediate release of former Prime Minister Imran Khan, whom he believes is unjustly imprisoned.


In his impassioned note, Waters didn’t mince words. He emphasized the importance of fair elections and the need for a government that truly represents the will of the people of Pakistan. Highlighting the irregularities and attempts to subvert the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party during the recent elections, Waters shed light on the glaring discrepancies that have marred Pakistan’s political landscape.


Imran Khan, a prominent figure in Pakistani politics, has faced a series of convictions that many view as politically motivated. Waters pointed out the severity of these convictions, including Imran’s alleged involvement in various cases such as the cipher case and the Toshakhana reference. He called attention to the troubling nature of the charges and the need for a transparent and unbiased legal process.


The touching reminder of the struggle for justice and accountability in Pakistan is provided by Waters’ video, which features Imran and his supporters in addition to the well-known 10cc song “I Don’t Like Cricket (I Love It).” The spirit of those who stand up against injustice and oppression is embodied by it.


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