In a notable operation at Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport, Pakistan Customs authorities have made a substantial recovery, seizing gold ornaments from a passenger arriving from Dubai. According to official statements, the customs team became suspicious of the individual during routine checks in the arrival lounge according to associated press of Pakistan (APP).

Despite the passenger’s initial denial of carrying any prohibited or undeclared items, Customs officials were not convinced, prompting a meticulous inspection of the passenger’s luggage. This diligence paid off when they discovered a considerable quantity of gold ornaments, weighing in at 49 tola (approximately 573 grams).

The passenger, upon being questioned about the gold, was unable to provide a satisfactory explanation for its possession, leading to the confiscation of the ornaments by the Customs staff. The seized gold has been valued at a significant 11.047 million rupees, highlighting the gravity of the smuggling attempt.

The authorities have announced that they will be pursuing further actions in accordance with the Customs Act to thoroughly address and penalize the smuggling attempt. This incident underscores the vigilance of Pakistan Customs in curbing illegal activities and enforcing the nation’s laws at key entry points such as airports.


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