In a high profile murder case of Canadian citizen Sarah Inam, an Islamabad trial court rendered a decision that executed her husband, Shahnawaz Amir.

Nearly after a year, District and Sessions Judge Nasir Javed Rana fined Shahnawaz Rs. 1 million, which would go to the victim’s family.

Sarah Inam was brutally murdered by her husband, Shahnawaz Amir, according to media reports.

The court reserved its decision last week, and the verdict was reached after a drawn-out legal process.


Shahnawaz’s mother, Samina Shah, was co-accused in the case; however, the court acquitted her, putting an end to her legal involvement in the tragic incident.

At a farmhouse in Shahzad Town, Islamabad, on September 23, of last year, Shahnawaz Amir was taken into custody.

Both of Shahnawaz’s parents were first charged in the case, and the court case involved several remands. But later on, his mother Samina Shah was given post-arrest bail in November of the same year, and his father was released.

Sarah Inam’s post-mortem examination was performed by Dr. Bushra Ashraf. In January, Dr. disclosed that the victim had multiple fractures on her head, highlighting the severity of the crime.

Statements from Sarah’s father and uncle were among the many testimonies and cross-examinations that took place during the case.

The court’s ruling was significantly influenced by Shahnawaz’s admission of guilt, as confirmed by Investigation Officer Habibur Rehman’s October testimony.

Sarah’s father, Inamur Rahim, rejected any compromise and attributing any delays in the case’s resolution to such circumstances.


The court’s decision closes the case pertaining to Sarah Inam’s untimely demise, providing some comfort to the grieving family and signalling a significant turning point in the fight for justice.



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