The Central Directorate of National Savings (CDNS) has announced a significant increase in the rates of return for its National Savings Certificates, effective from March 19th, 2024. According to a senior official of CDNS, amendments have been made across different instruments to enhance the returns for investors.

Key highlights of the rate adjustments include:

  1. Special Savings Certificates (SSC): Rates increased by 15.93%.
  2. Defense Savings Certificates: Return rates adjusted upwards by 13.36%.
  3. Regular Income Certificates (RIC): Now offering 14.76% returns.

Additionally, the rates for Bahbood Savings Certificates (BSC), Pensioners Benefit Account (PBA), and Shuhadas Family Welfare Account (SFWA) have also been raised to 15.60%.


The CDNS has successfully achieved its target of Rs 1.6 trillion in fresh bonds for the current fiscal year, surpassing the initial target of Rs 1.21 trillion. This achievement signifies the growing confidence of investors in National Savings Certificates.

To further enhance the savings culture and improve customer experience, the CDNS is undergoing institutional reforms and introducing new innovations. One such innovation is the introduction of Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) within CDNS, aimed at providing convenient services to users.

In addition to conventional investment bonds, the CDNS has also ventured into Islamic finance bonds, collecting an investment of Rs 67 billion by April 01, 2023-24. For the new financial year 2023-24, the CDNS has set a target of Rs 75 billion for Islamic finance bonds, indicating its commitment to diversifying investment options and catering to the needs of Islamic investors.


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