The Maryam Nawaz Sharif-led Punjab government presented its inaugural budget on Thursday, unveiling an unprecedented annual development plan (ADP) totaling Rs842 billion, marking a 28% increase from the previous year’s Rs655 billion. The ADP includes a foreign aid component of Rs106.167 billion and reflects the government’s “revolutionary” five-year priorities.

Finance Minister Mujtaba Shuja emphasized that 100% cash cover is available for the ADP, allocating funds across various sectors: 33% to social, 29% to infrastructure, 13% to production, 5% to services, and 20% to special initiatives. Nearly half the ADP, Rs394.4 billion, is designated for ongoing schemes, while Rs404.41 billion is earmarked for new projects.


  • Agriculture: Rs45 billion
  • Urban Development: Rs20 billion
  • Primary Healthcare: Rs9 billion
  • Roads: Rs8.5 billion
  • Solar Scheme (Roshan Gharana): Rs4 billion
  • Sports and Youth Affairs: Rs4 billion
  • Fisheries: Rs5.2 billion
  • Livestock: Rs7 billion
  • Tourism (Murree Development): Rs5 billion

The social sector receives Rs280 billion, including Rs45 billion in foreign aid. This includes:

  • Education: Rs65.5 billion (Rs45 billion for school education, Rs15 billion for higher education, Rs6 billion for special and non-formal education)
  • Health: Rs128.6 billion (Rs86 billion for specialized healthcare, Rs42 billion for primary and secondary health)
  • Water Supply and Sanitation: Rs8 billion
  • Social Welfare: Rs4 billion
  • Women Development: Rs1.4 billion
  • Local Government: Rs61.57 billion

For infrastructure, Rs246.8 billion is allocated, including Rs18.51 billion in foreign aid. Key projects include:

  • Muzaffargarh-Tarinda Muhammad Panah Road: Rs31.48 billion
  • Multan-Vehari Road: Rs13 billion
  • Burewala-Vehari Road: Rs12 billion

The irrigation department receives Rs25.8 billion, with significant foreign aid for ongoing water channel improvements.

The production sector is allocated Rs107.85 billion, with agriculture receiving Rs64.6 billion, including Rs45.25 billion for the Kisan Card package, Rs30 billion for tractor distribution, and Rs9 billion for solar-powered tube-wells.

The services sector is allocated Rs41 billion, including key investments in governance, IT, and emergency services.



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